Real Basketball Wives of LA…. More like Real Basketball, Football, Wives, Girlfriends, Side Chicks, NUTCASES of LA.

I couldn’t stay away from it for too long– reality TV, that is. I was trying so hard not to make my blog posts about reality TV since that crap already consumes so much of our lives BUT, this week, I HAD TO DO IT.

Am I the only that thinks Real Basketball Wives of LA is the most ridiculous thing on TV? These women are all so petty and child-like that every week I watch in hopes that it will just ONE episode that they might just get along for an hour, or 52 minutes (however long the episode is). But of course, those dreams are never lived out.

Now, even though I think they are all crazy, I must say that I got a kick out of Draya punching Sundy Carter out after talking  about Draya’s son. You just don’t talk about people’s children. But anyway, that’s neither here nor there. 

Draya gives Sundy a black eye:

BBall Wives Draya’s Right Hook Did This To Sundy Carter’s Eye (Photo)

Draya Tweets About Hitting Sundy Carter:

But my biggest concern is that these are the wives, girlfriends, supporters, and (as quiet as it’s kept) side chicks, of famous athletes. They are tearing these men’s brands DOWN. And needless to say, no grown woman should be carrying themselves this way! I’m sure when it’s recruitment time for these men, coaches can’t help but think that they are as messy as their counterparts. These women have the floor to help build the names of their families (or aspiring family in Draya’s case) and don’t even realize it. Shame, shame.

Sadly enough… I STILL will be tuning in next week.