The Puerto Rican Princess

So anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE good, messy reality TV show- definitely my guilty pleasure. BUT, I must say, this past week after watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, I was simply appalled and…to be honest… heartbroken.

Our “Puerto Rican princess” Joseline Hernandez-Jordan (I’ll let her have her fake marriage today) has done it again. If you keep up with the show, you already know how these reunions normally go down, but I don’t think anyone anticipated what she had in store for us this past Monday night. 

Video: LHHATL S3 Reunion Part 2

It was honestly very heartbreaking to watch a woman with so much power to influence the people that she reaches (and I must say she  shockingly has more following than I’d ever imagined her to have..but I digress) act like a complete fool. I mean, seriously. It was as if she was some sort of monster waiting for anyone to even BLINK the wrong way. But beyond her horrific behavior, here’s where my issue lies– VH1, Monami Ent., and every cast member sitting on that stage gave her the exact power and attention that she was starving for. 

From the moment “Joseline Hernandez Baby” was kicked off that set, she was THE ONLY THING DISCUSSED. Nobody ever got to anything else. Now I haven’t seen previews for next week’s part three, but i sure do hope they let this Joseline issue die for 60 minutes. And if not, why hasn’t a bigger and more important conversation been started.

Although Sommore (the host) gave her little disclosure on behalf of VH1 saying that they do not condone the type of behavior that Joseline exemplified, I’m still concerned that that portion of the reunion was showcased just to get ratings and to get people talking about the show– especially considering the fact that Love and Hip Hop Hollywood is soon to air (and I don’t know anybody interested in what Lil Fizz has going). Another fabulous blogger, Funky Dineva, explored the way the Joseline was portrayed in this reunion with no holds barred.

Funky Dineva Talks About VH1’s Portrayal of Joseline Hernandez

But honestly, is this the way to boost ratings now-a-days? In my opinion, this serves as a perfect opportunity for cast members and producers (maybe even Joseline and her partner Stevie J) to start something that actually matters like a mentoring program, a campaign designed to increase bullying awareness, or even something dedicated to informing people on the risks of drug-use (considering drug-use is what Joseline’s behaviors are being charged to). It’s obvious that after this some reputations are going to need to be rebuilt and some faces are going to need to be re-branded. 

Now I don’t know who would look up to Joseline as a mentor, but hey… it might keep her out of that strip club Stevie keeps trying to send her back to.


Real Basketball Wives of LA…. More like Real Basketball, Football, Wives, Girlfriends, Side Chicks, NUTCASES of LA.

I couldn’t stay away from it for too long– reality TV, that is. I was trying so hard not to make my blog posts about reality TV since that crap already consumes so much of our lives BUT, this week, I HAD TO DO IT.

Am I the only that thinks Real Basketball Wives of LA is the most ridiculous thing on TV? These women are all so petty and child-like that every week I watch in hopes that it will just ONE episode that they might just get along for an hour, or 52 minutes (however long the episode is). But of course, those dreams are never lived out.

Now, even though I think they are all crazy, I must say that I got a kick out of Draya punching Sundy Carter out after talking  about Draya’s son. You just don’t talk about people’s children. But anyway, that’s neither here nor there. 

Draya gives Sundy a black eye:

BBall Wives Draya’s Right Hook Did This To Sundy Carter’s Eye (Photo)

Draya Tweets About Hitting Sundy Carter:

But my biggest concern is that these are the wives, girlfriends, supporters, and (as quiet as it’s kept) side chicks, of famous athletes. They are tearing these men’s brands DOWN. And needless to say, no grown woman should be carrying themselves this way! I’m sure when it’s recruitment time for these men, coaches can’t help but think that they are as messy as their counterparts. These women have the floor to help build the names of their families (or aspiring family in Draya’s case) and don’t even realize it. Shame, shame.

Sadly enough… I STILL will be tuning in next week.


Really…He’s 15

So I was on Bossip today, and came across this crazy article about a Cypress Fairbanks ISD (Houston) Hopper Middle School math teacher, Corrie Ann Long, supposedly having sexual relations with a 15-year-old student.

Bossip Article: http://bossip.com/936468/teacher-busted-by-one-time-for-chopping-down-15-year-old-boy/

Now I know these kinds of things happen all the time, but this is crazy! This woman freely displayed her sexual relationship with this young boy in front of her math class. It was reported that Long would freely sit on the lap of the underage boy and allow him to slap her butt in sexual ways. WHAT?! HE’S FIFTEEN!

This is disgusting in so many ways, but what scared me the most is that fact that people are getting away with this stuff. I mean, I definitely would not want to send my child to school knowing that they could possibly be sexually assaulted by his/her own teacher. It’s not only scary, but I’m sure it would buy me a little jail time (to say the very least)

Of course the school officials are “doing everything that they can to ensure that this never happens again” but this statement just is not enough for me. It seems that many schools that have had this happen kind of just wave it off, make a public statement that will pacify the parents and maybe calm the children, but this is happening way more often than it should (which should be NEVER).

This woman deserves to be put in jail, and to think that she could have touched a whole classroom of children is enough to keep her there.

And then there are the critics who say, “Well 15-year-olds are having sex anyway. He had just as much fault as she did.” Yeah, that’s a whole other rant that I could go on about… Til next time,

Love and Happiness.