After thinking long and hard about what I wanted to blog about, I decided why not blog about someone whom EVERYBODY is talking about- Mrs. Carter. Last night Beyonce’ Knowles and husband Jay-Z opened the 2014 Grammy’s and KILLED the stage! The song that they performed “Drunk In Love” was the first to hit the radio from her new self-titled album Beyonce’.

This album seemed to cause a lot of controversy to say the least. Her lyrics on this album are very vulgar, which is different from Beyonce’s usual style. Last night’s performance followed suit. She and Jay-Z were quite intimate and also emphasized the more vulgar parts of the song (e.g. “Surfboard”, “Good,Good” – each a sexual innuendo).

Link: Beyonce’ and Jay-Z Perform at 2014 Grammy’s


The most interesting part of this is that this album sold 1.3 million in its first 17 days of being released. It remained No. 1 on Billboard Top 200 Chart, with ABSOLUTELY NO PROMOTION. On the day of the release (December 13, 2013), it completely shut iTunes down because there were so many downloads! Because her record label was so apprehensive about releasing this album, she took matters into her own hands and this clearly worked for her. Clearly Bey had some underlying feelings about that as she makes reference in her song Haunted where she can be heard saying “I don’t trust these record labels, I’m torn” and also “Probably won’t make no money off this, Oh well!” Beyonce’ anticipated that this album would do just fine, and right she was.

So…with all that being said, is this the new world of Public Relations? Releasing albums in hopes that there is enough following to make it No. 1 on the charts? I’m not sure if this in going to work for everyone, but for someone as “Flawless” as Beyonce’, this was the best PR for her! She had already built her brand and her Bey-hive was ready and willing to buy this $15.99 download. And of course, there’s no way you can check Instagram without seeing someone post “I woke up like this” including comedian Kevin Hart!

Like she said, in “Jealous,” she hasn’t lost it and she hasn’t missed a beat- Yonce’ is definitely doing her thing!

Link: Beyonce’ “Flawless” Music Video