How To Manage Social Media Effectively

As many of us know, social media can be our best friend and our worst enemy at the same time! Over the semester, I have had the honor of being able to manage the Facebook and Twitter pages for JMU’s School of Communication. In the beginning, this task seemed daunting and hard to handle, especially considering that I can barely manage my personal pages; however, I did learn a few things in the process that would be beneficial for anyone who will have to manage social media for an organization.

1.) Have a plan

When starting my management period for Facebook, I knew where I wanted to go, but not really. If you know what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it, you will be prepared for success. Don’t wait until you have already began to tweet and make posts to say, “Well what do I want my followers to get from my page.” Make sure your plan includes your overall objective, how you will meet that objective, and very specific tactics that say what you will do.

Make it easy on yourself. Plan first, execute effectively.

2.) Interact with your friends and followers

This might sound very obvious, but really interact with them! If people feel that you care about them visiting your page, then they will keep coming back. Respond to those reach out to you. Make sure that you make your followers and friends feel like you are phased by their presence on your page. Along with this, reach out to other organizations. If you support them, they will support you.

3.) Use pictures and other visuals

People like to see things. If you include visuals with your posts, your followers and friends are more inclined to look at the post. A picture will catch their eye more quickly than words will. If you do use visuals, keep in mind that they should be tasteful and relevant. Your personal Halloween costume probably wouldn’t be the best to use for  your post about staying safe on Halloween.

Hopefully these three rules will help your page be as successful as you want it to be!


Love the Life you Live…

As I prepare to write my blog story for the JMU SCOM blog page, the Harrison Connect, I’ve been working diligently to learn as much as I can about Dr. Jennifer Rosier. Rosier is a professor, here at JMU, and has published research about romantic relationships.

What better topic to showcase in a blog story aimed at college students than romantic relationships- I mean, everyone is looking for love right? Which is how I chose what topic to do this big project on. Not only  does she have this expertise, but Jennie is also a radiant individual.

So during this interview, there were two main things that stood out to me: this woman’s love for life and her ability and desire to express that love. When asked if there was one thing that she could tell her children that she would want them to remember for the rest of their lives, it would be to “Love the life you live, and live that life you love.

As humans, we often forget to do this. We get so caught up in the menial things, that we forget to love what we are doing. We forget to live the life that we love. We tend to do things because we have to, rather than because we want to; but this is the only way to be effective at what we are doing- to love what you do, and do what you love.

If I had to compare the overall effectiveness of a person who loved their job versus someone else that did it “just to do it,” I’m sure the former person would rank pretty highly.

What’s my point here.. as aspiring professionals, whether that be PR, television, marketing, etc. We all have to do what we love! If not, then what’s the point.

Nobody ever liked a grumpy publicist anyway 🙂