The iCloud isn’t so Fluffy

This past weekend, a number of celebrities became victim to actions of an undeniable genius. Unfortunately, this genius is using his/her power for harm rather than finding the cure for cancer.

Someone has been hacking the iClouds of celebrities and leaking their personal, nude photos.  Those such as personality Kim Kardashian, singer Rihanna, singer Ariana Grande, actress Gabrielle Union, actress Jennifer Lawrence, and many more have found themselves susceptible to dealing with an issue that no one ever thought could happen.

See full list of those hacked here.

The iCloud is known to be a very complex thing to understand, but many of us believe that once we delete something from our iPhones, it is gone forever. We’ve learned that is not the case. Many of these celebs have made statements saying that these personal photos were deleted long ago. Gabrielle Union, along with husband and basketball player Dwayne Wade, released a statement:

“For anyone out there also being affected by these and other hacking and hate crimes – We send our love, support and prayers. We have done nothing wrong.” -G. Union

Full statement: http://www.vibe.com/article/gabrielle-union-dwyane-wade-release-statement-after-nude-photo-leak

Of course, the FBI has gotten involved to find the culprit. I’m sure this person is some sort of genius, unfortunately just not a genius working to help us figure out what we should do about ISIS.

This issue has caused much awry and many are losing faith in the level of privacy that Apple has to offer. Apple released a statement basically saying that this was not a breach in Apple’s system, but a creep targeting certain people through entering username and password codes. Overall, I’m sure Apple is definitely working to make their users more secure, but I’m not positive that this is great for PR purposes. In my eyes, this is definitely a crisis. Apple should be ensuring that things that are deleted are not accessible in the iCloud at all.

Hopefully, this hacker finds something better to do than lie on their couch and find nude pictures of strangers.


Change is Good!

Change is good…unless no one realizes the change.

Today I decided to take a trip down to our local PBS broadcasting station, WVPT. Most JMU students and faculty have seen those four letters while driving onto main campus, but recently JMU has bought out the space that was previously known as WVPT.

As a Centennial Scholar (a scholarship program at JMU)  I am required to do 100 hours of community service and this year I have decided to volunteer at the news station and gain some experience through it. But there was one problem…There was no news station when I got there! After doing a little research I’ve found that Harrisonburg’s WVPT has made a major move!

At their new location on MLK Jr, Way, WVPT is sitting beautifully on the corner and very hard to miss for a passer-by. For those of us who never realized they made such a move, it was actually very easy to miss. I am very excited to be able to work with WVPT at this new location and it will definitely allow me a chance to better my public relations skill with helping get the word out about the move. Also, after speaking with the director there is a great possibility for me to be able to add some publications to my portfolio as a volunteer/intern!



The Puerto Rican Princess

So anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE good, messy reality TV show- definitely my guilty pleasure. BUT, I must say, this past week after watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, I was simply appalled and…to be honest… heartbroken.

Our “Puerto Rican princess” Joseline Hernandez-Jordan (I’ll let her have her fake marriage today) has done it again. If you keep up with the show, you already know how these reunions normally go down, but I don’t think anyone anticipated what she had in store for us this past Monday night. 

Video: LHHATL S3 Reunion Part 2

It was honestly very heartbreaking to watch a woman with so much power to influence the people that she reaches (and I must say she  shockingly has more following than I’d ever imagined her to have..but I digress) act like a complete fool. I mean, seriously. It was as if she was some sort of monster waiting for anyone to even BLINK the wrong way. But beyond her horrific behavior, here’s where my issue lies– VH1, Monami Ent., and every cast member sitting on that stage gave her the exact power and attention that she was starving for. 

From the moment “Joseline Hernandez Baby” was kicked off that set, she was THE ONLY THING DISCUSSED. Nobody ever got to anything else. Now I haven’t seen previews for next week’s part three, but i sure do hope they let this Joseline issue die for 60 minutes. And if not, why hasn’t a bigger and more important conversation been started.

Although Sommore (the host) gave her little disclosure on behalf of VH1 saying that they do not condone the type of behavior that Joseline exemplified, I’m still concerned that that portion of the reunion was showcased just to get ratings and to get people talking about the show– especially considering the fact that Love and Hip Hop Hollywood is soon to air (and I don’t know anybody interested in what Lil Fizz has going). Another fabulous blogger, Funky Dineva, explored the way the Joseline was portrayed in this reunion with no holds barred.

Funky Dineva Talks About VH1’s Portrayal of Joseline Hernandez

But honestly, is this the way to boost ratings now-a-days? In my opinion, this serves as a perfect opportunity for cast members and producers (maybe even Joseline and her partner Stevie J) to start something that actually matters like a mentoring program, a campaign designed to increase bullying awareness, or even something dedicated to informing people on the risks of drug-use (considering drug-use is what Joseline’s behaviors are being charged to). It’s obvious that after this some reputations are going to need to be rebuilt and some faces are going to need to be re-branded. 

Now I don’t know who would look up to Joseline as a mentor, but hey… it might keep her out of that strip club Stevie keeps trying to send her back to.