Thank you, Sophomore Year

With today being the last day of class, I must say it is definitely hitting me. End of the semester blues…

We all look for the end of semester since the first day of it, but as it approaches we realize that we’ve spent so much time with our JMU family that it feels weird to go back to our Hometown family. This year has definitely been one to remember- from meeting new friends, gaining a niece, losing an aunt, signing my first lease, and most of all, a year FULL of self discovery.

Someone asked me yesterday why haven’t seen much of me all year, and, like always, I responded “I do go out! I don’t know why you haven’t seen me!” But then I realized that might have been the biggest lie I’ve told all year.

This year has been one of self-discovery to say the very least. I have grown to know who I am and what I want. I’ve also realized that before, I was living for everyone BUT me. And it feels good! I feel so good. I know I’m still on a path of self-discovery, but Lord knows I’m glad to finally be on the right path. Although my grades aren’t the best that they have ever been (don’t worry, 4 A’s and 1 B) I’ve found that college is full of so much more than homework and essays and everything else that we college students tend to stress over.

All that stuff is great, but the most amazing part, is that I’ve finally figured out where my heart lies. Career-wise, of course. Stepping foot into my Public Relations class this semester, I knew that I would leave with confirmation that PR is what I want to do. However, this course has helped me figure out that I will begin a mentorship program.

Through the semester, we were to remain focused on one organization and learn that organization inside out. We composed media kits and informational kits on this organization, and basically acted as their Director of Communications. I focused on a non-profit organization that I’ve mentioned in a previous post.

Because of this, I’ve found that non-profit is where I want to be. I want to help young people along their journey, beginning at a young age, and see them off to college. I haven’t got it all together yet, but with the help of God and my new Non-Profit studies minor… I will 🙂

So…Thank you, Sophomore Year. It’s truly been an honor.