Security or Sodomy?

As I was making my daily rounds of checking my social networks I noticed a friend post a picture of a news article titled “ODU police charge security guard with raping student.”

Let that sink in.

A security guard reported to have raped a student is the most contradictory thing I’ve heard all week, and by far the saddest and most disgusting. This man who has been hired to provide security for students has raped one. I’m very intrigued to know his perception of his job description.

More importantly, I’m concerned as to what Old Dominion University is going to do about this. Of course, fire him, but then what? ODU needs to ensure that there students feel (and are) safe at all times. Even thought this happened off-campus, it was still in the area and in a college apartment complex. Considering the fact the ODU is also placed in the heart of Norfolk, Va., the safety of students should be the main concern.

This situation is tricky though. You hire security to protect students, but then the security is the person that needs to be protected against. I’m sure crisis management is on the job, but I feel for the students of ODU. I’m sure a sense of unrest and fear is taking over the campus.

Michael Spearman, 30, of Norfolk was arrested Sunday and charged with one count rape and two counts forcible sodomy, according to ODU spokeswoman Giovanna Genard.


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