Drama, Drama, DRAMA

For two consecutive posts I have succumbed to this hold that reality television has over me!! But I seriously cannot help but talk about this one– Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3.

VH1 is definitely on a roll with this one! So after last season, we could not wait to see more. Between Stevie J and his love triangles, Scrappy and his mess, and Kirk and Rasheeda Frost’s  new baby on the way many of us were literally glued to the TV. Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me, don’t breathe– that kind of glued to the TV.

But this next season.. I might have to go in hiding for this. I cannot wait! If you haven’t already seen the super trailer for Season 3, it is definitely worth watching (if you get into this kind of stuff). I was literally on the edge of the chair when I saw it!

It will be full of drama to say the least, but the most talk will, and has already, stemmed from the release of Mimi Faust and Nikko’s sex tape! What are they doing!? At this point, it is so hard tell whether or not these two purposely leaked this tape or if it was a mistake like they previously said it was. As sad as it is to say, I honestly cannot wait to see what this season brings as a result of this. I know Stevie J, ex and child’s father of Mimi Faust, is definitely not going to just slide under his radar.

With the release of this sex tape being only about 3 weeks prior to the airing of the premiere of this season, I can’t help but think that this was purposely done. It was free advertisement, not the LHHATL doesn’t already have a audience ready and waiting to tune in every week. Mimi and Nikko definitely have us waiting to watch. I’m sure Mona Scott Young, producer of the show, will enjoy watching the numbers rise as more and more people begin to tune in because of this scandal…if it can be called that.

Tune in, May 5th 8 p.m.! (ET)


Security or Sodomy?

As I was making my daily rounds of checking my social networks I noticed a friend post a picture of a news article titled “ODU police charge security guard with raping student.”

Let that sink in.

A security guard reported to have raped a student is the most contradictory thing I’ve heard all week, and by far the saddest and most disgusting. This man who has been hired to provide security for students has raped one. I’m very intrigued to know his perception of his job description.

More importantly, I’m concerned as to what Old Dominion University is going to do about this. Of course, fire him, but then what? ODU needs to ensure that there students feel (and are) safe at all times. Even thought this happened off-campus, it was still in the area and in a college apartment complex. Considering the fact the ODU is also placed in the heart of Norfolk, Va., the safety of students should be the main concern.

This situation is tricky though. You hire security to protect students, but then the security is the person that needs to be protected against. I’m sure crisis management is on the job, but I feel for the students of ODU. I’m sure a sense of unrest and fear is taking over the campus.

Michael Spearman, 30, of Norfolk was arrested Sunday and charged with one count rape and two counts forcible sodomy, according to ODU spokeswoman Giovanna Genard.


Real Basketball Wives of LA…. More like Real Basketball, Football, Wives, Girlfriends, Side Chicks, NUTCASES of LA.

I couldn’t stay away from it for too long– reality TV, that is. I was trying so hard not to make my blog posts about reality TV since that crap already consumes so much of our lives BUT, this week, I HAD TO DO IT.

Am I the only that thinks Real Basketball Wives of LA is the most ridiculous thing on TV? These women are all so petty and child-like that every week I watch in hopes that it will just ONE episode that they might just get along for an hour, or 52 minutes (however long the episode is). But of course, those dreams are never lived out.

Now, even though I think they are all crazy, I must say that I got a kick out of Draya punching Sundy Carter out after talking  about Draya’s son. You just don’t talk about people’s children. But anyway, that’s neither here nor there. 

Draya gives Sundy a black eye:

BBall Wives Draya’s Right Hook Did This To Sundy Carter’s Eye (Photo)

Draya Tweets About Hitting Sundy Carter:

But my biggest concern is that these are the wives, girlfriends, supporters, and (as quiet as it’s kept) side chicks, of famous athletes. They are tearing these men’s brands DOWN. And needless to say, no grown woman should be carrying themselves this way! I’m sure when it’s recruitment time for these men, coaches can’t help but think that they are as messy as their counterparts. These women have the floor to help build the names of their families (or aspiring family in Draya’s case) and don’t even realize it. Shame, shame.

Sadly enough… I STILL will be tuning in next week.