Really…He’s 15

So I was on Bossip today, and came across this crazy article about a Cypress Fairbanks ISD (Houston) Hopper Middle School math teacher, Corrie Ann Long, supposedly having sexual relations with a 15-year-old student.

Bossip Article: http://bossip.com/936468/teacher-busted-by-one-time-for-chopping-down-15-year-old-boy/

Now I know these kinds of things happen all the time, but this is crazy! This woman freely displayed her sexual relationship with this young boy in front of her math class. It was reported that Long would freely sit on the lap of the underage boy and allow him to slap her butt in sexual ways. WHAT?! HE’S FIFTEEN!

This is disgusting in so many ways, but what scared me the most is that fact that people are getting away with this stuff. I mean, I definitely would not want to send my child to school knowing that they could possibly be sexually assaulted by his/her own teacher. It’s not only scary, but I’m sure it would buy me a little jail time (to say the very least)

Of course the school officials are “doing everything that they can to ensure that this never happens again” but this statement just is not enough for me. It seems that many schools that have had this happen kind of just wave it off, make a public statement that will pacify the parents and maybe calm the children, but this is happening way more often than it should (which should be NEVER).

This woman deserves to be put in jail, and to think that she could have touched a whole classroom of children is enough to keep her there.

And then there are the critics who say, “Well 15-year-olds are having sex anyway. He had just as much fault as she did.” Yeah, that’s a whole other rant that I could go on about… Til next time,

Love and Happiness.


370… 227…12…Mishap or Malice?

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, it’s almost impossible to overlook the fact that a whole plane is MISSING. 227 passengers, 12 crew members, completely missing. Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 took a course to Beijing, China on March 8th, 2014 and disappeared before landing. Mishap or malice?

For many, this news is quite unnerving, and I know for me, a very scary thing to hear. In an article posted today, there are new findings about this Malaysian flight possibly being led off course on purpose by the pilot and co-pilot. The last thing heard by ground controllers from the co-pilot was “All right, good night.” This was heard approximately 12 MINUTES before the plane satellites were shut off completely. So who did it? Was the plane hijacked? Act of terrorism?

Read more about Flight 370 here.

At this point, it is very hard to say. Many things are pointing to these pilots. The plane was known to have been programmed to take a turn westward way before the pilot made his statement that everything was “all right.” But, one thing has come out of this unfortunate situation- 26 nations have joined together in the search to find this plane. Although the events of this coming together are the least likely to be wanted, it is definitely caused many nations to step up and help one another.

New Evidence in Flight 370:


I’m very interested to see how Malaysian Airlines will continue its business in light of the events taking place. I’m sure their publics are HORRIFIED and many others who travel internationally (not only Malaysian Airlines passengers). I’m sure this will cause a huge change in the trust of airlines, trust that was already shaky to begin with.

Prayers are sent up for these individuals on this plane. Hopefully, Flight 370 will resurface soon with 227 living passengers and 12 living crew members.